Go for zero
Our CNG trucks

What's New

Mission Trail is committed to helping the Los Altos community reduce its carbon footprint. From using a fleet of natural gas trucks to offering paperless billing, we are doing our part to keep Los Altos green.

Our new programs include:

  • Color coded containers take the guesswork out of recycling.

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mixed recyclables
organics (food/yard waste)

  • Our new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks run cleaner and quieter than diesel.
  • Our online billing saves stamps and eliminates excess paperwork.
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  • Want to participate in our landfill reduction program?
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  • Free business assistance- we'll help you reduce waste and increase recycling!
  • Recycling and organics service provided to commercial customers at no charge!
  • Weekly collection service for residential garbage, recyclables and organic materials— no more having to remember what gets collected when!