Santa ClaraLos AltosTransfer Station

Mission Trail Transfer Station

Gate Rates:

Effective July 1, 2018 and subject to change.
Size and type of load to be determined by visual inspection.
Hazardous loads will be rejected.
Residential waste generated in the city of Santa Clara may be eligible for a discounted rate. Inquire at the gate or contact us in advance.

Item Rate
General Rubbish $29.51/yd3
Yard Waste $29.51/yd3
Appliances (with Freon) $162.30/item
Appliances (without Freon) $51.32/item
Asphalt $88.53/yd3
Brush (clean, separated, no grass) $24.38/yd3
Carpet $51.32/item
Chips (clean) $51.15/yd3
Compostion Shingles $38.02/yd3
Concrete (with metal) $88.53/yd3
Concrete (without metal) / Bricks $51.32/yd3
Couches, Furniture, Mattesses, Oversized/Bulky Waste, Toilets $51.32/item
Demolition Debris (wood & sheet rock mixed: must be mostly wood-- if excessive sheetrock, price will be based on % of sheet rock) $50.04/yd3
Dirt and/or Sod $88.53/yd3
Mixed Loads (for example, shower doors, rocking horses, yard debris and metal all mixed together) $29.51/yd3
Sheet Metal, Tin, Brass, etc. $29.51/yd3
Tires (car or small truck without rims) $51.32/item
TVs and Computer Monitors $48.75/item
Wood (clean, separated, not painted/treated, 6" of less in diameter) $14.75/yd3