Listed below are a few frequently asked questions and answers.

Why should my complex participate in the recycling and organics program?

There are environmental and financial incentives. Rates are based on trash service level. An appropriate level of recycling and organics service is provided for no additional charge. Educational materials, kitchen pails for food scraps, and recycling tote bags are provided for no charge as well. Click here for more information.

My complex doesn’t have organics and/or recycling service. How do we get it?

Click here for more information on our programs. The property owner/manager should contact us to start service.

What size are the bins that Mission Trail uses?

Sizes vary but all 1-6 cubic yard bins are approximately 72” long and:

  • 1-yard bins are 30.25” high and 26” wide
  • 2-yard bins are 38” high and 36” wide
  • 3-yard bins are 48.5” high and 42” wide
  • 4-yard bins are 48.5” high and 54” wide
  • 6-yard bins are 72.5” high and 54” wide

The 96-gallon is approximately 46” high x 28” wide x 34” deep. The 64-gallon is approximately 43” x 26” x 30”. The 32-gallon is about 39” x 19” x 23”. The 20-gallon is shorter than the 32 with approximately the same size footprint.


What styrofoam products can I put in the recycling?

If the product is not food-soiled and is marked with the recycling symbol and a number 1-7, go ahead and put it in your recycling container. Packaging peanuts, styrofoam blocks, and styrofoam cups are not usually marked with the symbol and a number and should go in the trash. Note that you may be able to donate packing peanuts to packaging/mailing stores. Also note that peanuts should be bagged before being placed in the trash.

Is there a way to recycle more than the items Mission Trail accepts in the blue carts/bins?

There might be! Try using the recycling search tool here.

How do I dispose of sharps?

The Los Altos Pharmacy, located at 255 2nd Street, collects needles & lancets. Program is free to local residents. Sharps must be inside an approved biohazard container.

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