Residential FAQs

Mission Trail Waste Systems’ representatives are commonly asked the below questions. Please click the question to reveal the answer.

How do I start/stop service?

Please contact the City of Santa Clara’s Customer Service Department at 408-615-2300.

How do I increase/decrease service?

Please contact us.

What are the current collection rates?

Rates vary according to the type of residence. For a complete list of applicable rates, or for general information regarding rates, please call Santa Clara Municipal Utilities at 408-615-2300.

My trash and/or green waste container is in need of repair/replacement. Who can help me?

Please contact us. Let us know your service address and which container needs repair/replacement. Describe the problem and, if possible, provide us with the cart’s serial number.

My trash and/or green waste was missed on my collection day. Who do I report that to? Can a truck be sent back?

We can help! Please contact us and provide your service address. Also let us know which cart was missed. If the miss is reported within 24 hours, we can send a truck back around within one business day. Please be sure the cart is not blocked or overloaded, and that the materials inside have been properly sorted. Note: if your cart was missed because it was not at the curb on time, a fee may apply for the return trip.

Be aware that for residential service we use a two-pass system. We no longer operate split-body trucks that collect trash and green waste at almost the same time; there will be a significant amount of time between when we service the trash and the green waste. Please do not report a miss unless it’s clear that your neighbors’ carts were serviced and yours was skipped.

Who can answer my billing question(s)?

Please contact the City of Santa Clara’s Customer Service Department at 408-615-2300.

Will my service be delayed due to a holiday?

Mission Trail observes Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Customers may experience a delay in service when one of these holidays falls on a weekday. During a holiday week, service preceding the holiday is unaffected. Customers whose regular service day falls on the holiday or after, however, will receive service a day late. For example, during Thanksgiving week, only customers with Thursday and Friday service are affected. Thursday customers will have their carts serviced on Friday. Friday customers will have their containers serviced on Saturday.

How can I make ADA accommodations?

Requests need to be made to the City of Santa Clara utilities. Contact number is 408-615-5600.

How can I get rate assistance?

Information for the Rate Assistance Program for residential customers can be located here: