Program Details 

Mission Trail Waste System is proud to provide trash and green waste (Clean Green) collection services to Santa Clara residents!

Mission Trail offers Santa Clara residents one free cart cleaning per year. Call us to learn more about cart cleaning, as well as other special programs available to Santa Clara residents.

Mission Trail representatives are available to make suggestions regarding how to reduce waste and ensure that appropriate collection service is arranged. Helpful training materials are also provided.

What goes in the trash?

  • ceramics
  • lightbulbs (no fluorescent)
  • mirrors, tempered & window glass
  • carbon paper
  • laminated items
  • metallic wrapping paper – potato chips
  • paper used for cleaning (soiled)
  • photographs
  • vacuum bags
  • 6-pack rings (please cut)
  • plastic film & wrap
  • plastic drinking straws & stir sticks
  • records, tapes & CDs
  • shower curtain liners
  • tape (duct, scotch, masking)
  • cotton balls (soiled)
  • rugs & mats
  • shoes, clothing & stuffed animals (that cannot be donated)
  • sponges
  • balloons (latex or mylar)
  • clothes hangers
  • diapers
  • feminine products
  • foam & styrofoam
  • hose (garden or rubber)
  • pet feces
  • rubber bands
  • toothpaste tubes
  • toys (that cannot be donated)
  • fruits & vegetables including peels, pits & rinds
  • bread, pasta & other grains
  • dairy products & egg shells
  • coffee grounds & tea leaves
  • spoiled food/outdated, packaging ok
  • meat & bones
  • meal prep waste
  • plate waste & scraps
  • paper plates & cups
  • paper napkins & towels
  • paper coffee filters & tea bags
  • paper bags (used to contain food scraps)
  • paper takeout containers
  • newspaper (used to wrap food scraps or line cart)
  • pizza boxes
  • waxed paper & boxes
  • wooden chopsticks


What goes in the recycling?

  • corrugated cardboard & paper boxes (large or multiple pieces should be flattened and/or cut)
  • shredded paper (in a paper bag, secured with a staple)
  • junk mail
  • newspaper
  • phonebooks & catalogs
  • aseptic boxes (juice, soup & soy milk)
  • books up to 40 lbs.
  • aerosol cans (empty)
  • cans & pans
  • scrap pieces up to 20 lbs.
  • bottles & jars
  • tubs & trays
  • plastic bags

Protect the environment by avoiding single-use bags. Reuse them when possible. When recycling multiple bags, stuff one bag full of the others; tie off the full bag before placing in the recycling.

  • cotton balls (soiled)
  • rugs & mats
  • shoes, clothing & stuffed animals (that cannot be donated)
  • sponges


Waste Guide (English, Spanish & Mandarin)

Mission Trail collects trash and green waste using trucks fueled by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and run on a two-pass system. Your trash and green waste carts are therefore serviced at different times of the day.

Garbage goes in the black cart, yard trimmings go in the green cart.

Securely wrap or bag loose materials like cool ashes, sawdust, and pet waste before placing in the trash cart. This will prevent them from littering your neighborhood when carts are serviced.

Hazardous waste is not allowed in any cart.

All carts must be at the curb by 7am on collection day to assure service. Please place them in the gutter with wheels against the curb, at least 3 feet away from each other and from other obstacles such as parked cars, trees and low-hanging branches, fire hydrants, etc. Do not overload carts or wedge materials inside. Lids must fully close.

After carts have been emptied, return them to the backyard, side yard, or designated storage location until next collection day.