What Goes In The Trash 

Here is an easy way to see exactly what you can put in the trash.


mirrors, tempered & window glass

Egg Shells & Dairy Products

Egg shells and any dairy products

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds & tea leaves

Spoiled Food

Spoiled food, outdated packaging ok

Meat & Bones

Any kind of meat or bones

Meal Prep Waste

Scraps from meal preparation

Plate Waste & Scraps

Waste from leftover meals

Paper Plates & Cups

Soiled Paper plates & used cups

Paper Napkins

Paper napkins or paper towels

Paper Bags

Paper bags used to contain food scraps

Paper Takeout Containers

Used containers for food takeout


Newspaper used to wrap food

Pizza Boxes

Soiled, used pizza boxes

Waxed Paper

Waxed paper or boxes used with food cooking or preparation

Wooden Chopsticks

Used, soiled wooden chopsticks

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables including peels, pits & rinds

Shredded Paper

Must be in a paper bag, secured with a staple.

Aseptic Boxes

Soup, juice, soy milk.


Up to 40 lbs.

Aerosol Cans

Must be empty.

Scrap Metal Pieces

Up to 20 lbs.

Rugs & Mats

Old Rugs and Mats


Lightbulbs, no fluorescent

Metallic Wrapping

metallic wrapping paper – potato chips

Paper Used for Cleaning (Soiled)

paper used for cleaning (soiled)



Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Bags

6-Pack Rings

Rings for soda and beer cans (please cut)

Plastic Wrap

Plastic Wrap and Film


Plastic Drinking Straws and Stir Sticks

Records, Tapes & CDs

Old music on records, cassette tapes and CDs.

Shower Curtain Liners

Old Shower Plastic Curtain Liners


Duct tape, Scotch Tape, Masking Tape

Cotton Balls

Soiled Cotton Balls

Bread & Pasta

Bread, pasta and other grains

Shoes, Clothing & Stuffed Animals

Old Shoes, Clothing or Stuffed Animals that cannot be donated


Used sponges


Balloons from parties and events

Clothes Hangers

Plastic or wooden clothes hangers


Diapers of any kind

Feminine Products

Feminie Products, tampons, pads


Foam & Styrofoam products


Hoses from garden or rubber hoses

Pet Feces

Feces from any animal or pet

Rubber Bands

Any kind of rubber bands

Toothpaste Tubes

Toothpaste tubes, used or unused


Any toys that cannot be donated
  • ceramics
  • lightbulbs (no fluorescent)
  • mirrors, tempered & window glass
  • carbon paper
  • laminated items
  • metallic wrapping paper – potato chips
  • paper used for cleaning (soiled)
  • photographs
  • vacuum bags
  • 6-pack rings (please cut)
  • plastic film & wrap
  • plastic drinking straws & stir sticks
  • records, tapes & CDs
  • shower curtain liners
  • tape (duct, scotch, masking)
  • cotton balls (soiled)
  • rugs & mats
  • shoes, clothing & stuffed animals (that cannot be donated)
  • sponges
  • balloons (latex or mylar)
  • clothes hangers
  • diapers
  • feminine products
  • foam & styrofoam
  • hose (garden or rubber)
  • pet feces
  • rubber bands
  • toothpaste tubes
  • toys (that cannot be donated)
  • fruits & vegetables including peels, pits & rinds
  • bread, pasta & other grains
  • dairy products & egg shells
  • coffee grounds & tea leaves
  • spoiled food/outdated, packaging ok
  • meat & bones
  • meal prep waste
  • plate waste & scraps
  • paper plates & cups
  • paper napkins & towels
  • paper coffee filters & tea bags
  • paper bags (used to contain food scraps)
  • paper takeout containers
  • newspaper (used to wrap food scraps or line cart)
  • pizza boxes
  • waxed paper & boxes
  • wooden chopsticks